Friday, September 3, 2010

Leandro Erlich - Artist Illusionist

Leandro Erlich is an Argentinian artist living and working between Argentina and Paris. His works mainly focus on familiar architectural elements and the audience's perception of reality. The experience requires the viewer to go beyond the allure of the visual marvels and to explore their own psychological reality by stepping into Erlich's world of illusion, reflection and reversal. His temporary exhibition is running in Long Beach, California at the moment and his piece "Swimming Pool" is permanently installed at the Kanazawa Museum, Japan. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to experience his pieces in person at some point! I hope you like his work, and please visit his website for more photos and information here.

"Swimming Pool"

"The Staircase"

"La Torre"

"Window and Ladder"

"Shattering Door"


Here are a few youtube links to videos of Erlich's works in action:

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