Sunday, April 25, 2010

Poetry and Gonzales


I'm in the process of compiling some more amazing photographs for the next photography feature. It should be up over the next day or two. Here are some more of my poems and also this. It puts me in a trance everytime I listen to it. dreeeeeam.


Mundane everyday from my bed
Float around, I don’t exist
Except in thoughts of your kiss
Laughter echoes through the hall
Fall back asleep to escape
We’re driving in the dark
We’re tumbling through the streets
Our noses touch accidentally
Surprise, a kiss
Five years wondering if
I could feel again the way I do
Exquisite pain is pure joy
We’re alive
Must wake up
I’m alive only in memories
Since coming home I play pretend
We’re here, there, unaware
Girls don’t feel
Must wake up
No more thinking if


Marionette on the window-sill
Cobwebs on his strings
Glass eyes,
I swear I see something there
Everyday I visit and bring him gifts
Birdsong, freckles and trinkets
We're happy when the sun shines in
Lights up his eyes and warms his skin
He'll never laugh or cry or sneeze,
 Learn to swim or graze his knees
Or wash away original sin
But he's happy when the sun shines in


Not going to think
Not going to contact
I can fold up so small
Hide in impossible places
Lock all my secrets
Away in a paper box
Trapped in a blue balloon
Just out of a child’s reach
Step into a muddy puddle
And disappear
Cold green ribbons between my toes
Collect pictures and cut them up
Assembly of loves lost

That's all for now.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Photo Love

I've decided to start doing features on some of the fantastic photographers I've met over the years. Here's the first one featuring Tom Harman, Owen Richards and Steve Boland. I really love their work, I hope you do too. Please follow the links to discover even more and email me if you want any further info. I'll be posting another feature during the week, so stay tuned kids!


Photos by Tom Harman. New York City.



Photos by Owen Richards. London.


Photos by Steve Boland. Limerick, Ireland.

Thanks to Tom, Owen and Steve for contributing. Beautiful work.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First post...dun dun DUNNNN


This is my first post. I've been writing and drawing a lot over the last year. Couldn't really decide what to do with it, so I'll be throwing up some poetry, drawings, photos and also general things that interest me on this. I'm working on some new music at the minute too. I'll put that up when I have it recorded.. whenever that actually happens.

The name of my blog comes from the Jack Kerouac poem "Bowery Blues" in case you were wondering.

Also, this is my new camera which I am VERY excited about. I'm waiting on the film to arrive right now, so I'll hopefully have some nice photos to post soon!

So here are two short poems of mine to get the ball rolling...

Winter Lasts Forever

It's been January all year
Suitcases full of snow
Abandoned everywhere we go
This city's humans are frozen to the spot
They'll never finish what they started
Foxes and mice run free
Barely noticing blue-lipped statues

Forest Sleep

I forget everything I want to forget
when I sleep in the forest
The cool grass under my feet
All my fears drain away
I carve a music box from fresh wood
It's twinklings make me smile
Because just for a while
I don't miss you

That's all for now.

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