Friday, January 28, 2011

Irish Blog Awards 2011


Just letting you know that the Irish Blog Awards are now open for nomination. I only started this blog last April and since then, I've been discovering just how many amazing Irish blogs are out there. There's an abundance of categories and many blogs worthy of winning, so get voting! If you need inspiration, check out my bloglist on the bottom right-hand corner for some great blogs. Click here to nominate a blog. Here's the list of categories..

Best Popculture Blog
Best Food/Drink Blog
Best Lifestyle Blog
Best Music Blog
Best Photo Blog
Best Technology Blog/Blogger
Best Sport and Recreation Blog
Best Blog of a Business
Best Arts and Culture Blog
Best Blog from a Journalist
Best News/Current Affairs Blog
Best Group Blog
Best Political Blog
Best Blog of a Politician
Best use of the Irish Language in a Blog
Best Specialist Blog
Best Newcomer
Best Youth Blog
Best Personal Blog
Best Humour Blog
Best Rant/Post
Best Science and Education Blog
Best Outraged Blog Awards Post

Phew! That's a looooong list.


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